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About Us

We are the local Neighbourhood Centre. We are a not for profit group who aim to provide necessary services and social development opportunities in a professional and caring manner to Ulladulla and surrounding areas. The Ulladulla & Districts Community Centre implement community strengthening through the following practice

  • involving the community and encouraging participation and inclusion, valuing diversity and difference, respecting culture and religious diversity at all levels of Centre operation

  • identifying community needs and aspirations

  • determining appropriate community programs, activities and services in response to those needs ensuring that diversity, culture and differences are valued

  • partnering with community organisations, businesses, government and philanthropic organisations to secure appropriate funding and support

  • evaluating the effectiveness of all aspects of operation, including programs, practice and governance

Above the Clouds

Our Centre is planning for the future

Our Mission

The Ulladulla and Districts Community Resources Centre (CRC) mission is to offer targeted community and early intervention services to all who seek assistance, we aspire to help anyone in need that contacts the Centre. We have been an integral part of the community life in the Shoalhaven since 1982.

We have been supporting people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged. Our members are our owners and are the driving force of our Centre.

Our Vision

Our Committee is comprised of community representatives who are elected annually. These members are confident that our plans for the future will provide the necessary framework to support the delivery of our services, developing partnerships, achieving our goals and taking advantage of any new opportunities as and when they arise.

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